How to raise/drop cyphers by one when solving maps:

(hint: If you have more than one cypher at very low or very high, you may need to raise or lower them manually until they're just low/high instead or you'll get confused and work yourself into corners while solving the map. 

Drop Cyphers

d1: ra:rt:rs:rd:la:lt:ls:ld:ld:rd:la:ld
d2: rs:rd:rs:rt
d3: ra:rd:ra:rt:lt:rt
d4: ls:lt:lt:rd:ls:ld:la:lt:ra:rd:la:ld
d5: la:lt:rd:ld:ls:ld:ra:rt:ld:rs:rd

Raise Cyphers

r1: ra:rd:ra:rt:rs:rt:rs:rd
r2: rd:ls:ld:la:lt:ls:lt:la:ld
r3: rs:rt:ls:ld:rd:ra:rt:rs:rd:la:lt:la:ld
r4: rt:la:lt:rd:ld:ls:ld:ra:rt:ld:rs:rd
r5: ra:rd:ra:rd:ra:rt:ls:ld:ra:rt

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