List of powers and their spheres, By Telira

Attack - Thundering Roar, Inferno, Living Nightmare

Auxillary - Beast Master, Extended Rage, Greater Shark Spirit, Lupine Fortitude, Storm Talons, Demonology, Tainted Flesh, Shapechanging, Chameleonic Gift, Draconian Breath, Draconian Charge, Draconian Jaws

Belief - Ascension, Enlightenment, Immanence

Binding - Spirit Binding, Infernal Binding, Elemental Binding

Bite - Greater Shark Spirit, Blood Legacy, Draconian Jaws

Buff - Greater Bear Spirit, Greater Fox Spirit, Lesser Totem Spirit, Road of Seven Sins, Blood Legacy, Cloak of Shadows, Shadow Infusion, Elemental Infusion, Dragon Barding, Salamanders Gift, Treasure Hoard

Burst - Greater Shark Spirit, Lunar Tattoos, Spirit Binding, Storm Talons, Bladed Tail, Infernal Binding, Spiked Tail, Blade of Darkness, Blood Runes, Conjure Soulblade, Elemental Binding, Draconian Breath, Draconian Charge, Draconian Jaws, Dragonbone Forging, Lashing Tail

Calm - Self Control, Protean Nemesis, Mind Magic, Winds of the Mind

Claws - Talons of the Bear, Tainted Talons, Claws of the Wolf.

Crafting - Moon Weaving, Shadow Crafting, Enchantment, Dragonscale Crafting

Debuff - Road of Seven Sins, Blood Legacy

Familiar - Imp Servant, Animal Familiar

Fear - Thundering Roar, Living Nightmare

Forging - Fang Forging, Lunar Forging, Infernal Forging, Blood Forging, Dragonbone Forging

Healing - Regeneration, Water Magic, Human Form, Salamanders Gift

Magic - Greater Crow Spirit, Ride the Storm, Pathway to Hell, Mind Magic, Path of Shadows, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Chill of the Tundra, Eye of the Storm, Fires of the Volcano, Fumes of the Pit, Winds of the Mind

Markings - Lunar Tattoos, Ritual Scarring, Blood Runes, Draconic Glyphs

Mount - Warbeast, Dragon Mount

Pet - Summon Wolf, Hellhound, Summon Vermin, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental

Polymorph - Self Control, Wolf Form, Demon Form, Bat Form, Mist Form, Form of Air, Form of Earth, Form of Fire, Form of Water, Draconian Form, Dragon Form, Human Form

Rage - Spirit of Fenris, Demon Rage, Rage of the Beast, Enlightenment, Draconic Rage

Senses - Feral Senses, Ride the Storm, Ears of the Bat, Mind Magic, Air Magic, Draconic Aura, Winds of the Mind

Shift - Ride the Storm, Pathway to Hell, Path of Shadows

Stealth - Ride the Storm, Cloak of Shadows, Mind Magic, Air Magic, Winds of the Mind

Tail - Bladed Tail, Spiked Tail, Venomous Tail, Lashing Tail

Travel - Lesser Totem Spirit, Demonology, Blood Runes, Wings of the Abyss, Bat Form, Lord of the Lands, Lord of the Seas, Lord of the Skies

Weapon - Blade of Darkness, Conjure Soulblade

Wings - Wings of the Abyss, Lord of the Lands, Lord of the Seas, Lord of the Skies

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