Jormungander chats, 'Oh cool we have carry and conceal now.'

Jormungander chats, 'Why the fuck was i not informed.'
You chat, 'Because the govmint's out to get you.'

You chat, 'Better be strapped.'
Jormungander chats, 'Im not worried about 90 year old senators im worried about the fuckin spics and niggers on 99th and cottage grove.'
Jormungander chats, 'Its as bad as la over here.'
Jormungander chats, 'Fuckingminority motherfuckers.'
You chat, 'I hope you find yourself in a neighborhood at midnight with a "don't let the sun go down on your white ass" policy.'

Jormungander chats, 'As much as it is probably hard for you to beleive, i really am as hood as i act. im in no danger from most people in even the worst areas.'

You chat, 'If you're as hood as you act, then you must be on the same level as the "bad luck brian" meme.'

You chat, 'You're probably as hard core as the toughest junior high ICP fan.'
You chat, 'You're as gangsta as Jamie Kennedy.'

You chat, 'And as badass as Pee Wee Herman.'

[00:03:54] Amoghasiddhi: It's blatantly apparent.
[00:03:46] Jormungander: Based on what precisely.
[00:03:27] Amoghasiddhi: What kind of "hard motherfucker" spends his time pretending to be an internet tough guy.
[00:03:18] Jormungander: If anything my skill at this game and typing and my aggressive attitude should be evidence of the truth.
[00:03:10] Amoghasiddhi: None that isn't a spoiled white boy from Cali trying to prove he's not a little bitch.
[00:03:07] Jormungander: One who also like technology?
[00:02:55] Jormungander: Boy you're fucking stupid.
[00:02:49] Amoghasiddhi: I'm sure you're fucking full of nerd rage.
[00:02:44] Amoghasiddhi: It's ok, bitch. Let it all out.
[00:02:41] Jormungander: Texas breeds a whole new level of retard.
[00:02:35] Jormungander: You, xig, shin, pyg.
[00:02:29] Amoghasiddhi: You're safe here with your imaginary friends in the computer.
[00:02:28] Jormungander: Goddamned dickless morons all of you.
[00:02:13] Amoghasiddhi: No one's gonna call you a fake ass thug for getting your ass kicked here.
[00:02:02] Amoghasiddhi: We'll just say, "oh well that's fraust"
[00:01:13] Jormungander: The next time you try to talk about people being open minded you need to shut the fuck up is what needs to happen.
[00:01:03] Amoghasiddhi: I still remember when you were paying protection money so that Xig wouldn't kill you, and we let you get killed anyway. You're such a gullible, pathetic little bitch.
[00:00:42] Jormungander: I dont remember ever paying protection money actually.
[00:00:37] Jormungander: How long ago was that.
[00:00:18] Amoghasiddhi: When did I advocate being open minded? If anything someone needs to permanently seal yours so it stops contaminating the zeitgeist.
You chat, 'It was around late 2007.'
Jormungander chats, 'Oh.'

Jormungander chats, 'Well congratualtions on remembering that.'

[00:08:07] Jormungander: Ive been a little busy uh.
[00:08:05] Jormungander: Like.
[00:08:03] Jormungander: Doing shit.
[00:07:52] Jormungander: Shit thats noiit memorizing whatever the fuck this game is.
[00:07:49] Jormungander: Grats.
[00:07:47] Amoghasiddhi: Huffing gasoline and destroying the part of your brain that houses all your embarrassing memories?
[00:07:18] Jormungander: Shit im not the one with tempermental problems you glue eating midget.
[00:07:07] Amoghasiddhi: Oh no, my hippocampus works. There must be something wrong with me.
[00:06:39] Amoghasiddhi: I made fun of Fraust so I must be short. God I love when he tries to make connections with the hamster wheel he calls a brain.
[00:06:03] Jormungander: Let me demonstrate exactly how im better than you.
[00:05:57] Jormungander: How im a superior human being.
[00:05:47] Jormungander: Of superior will of character.
[00:05:20] Jormungander: When i say im done talking to you, im going to leave. and not say anything else. you, however, are going to reply.
[00:04:38] Amoghasiddhi: Reply to what? I don't see you making any statements worthy of "replies" I just talk to get your text off my screen.
[00:04:16] Jormungander: Okay well yeah.
[00:04:02] Jormungander: You have fun with all that...whatever the fuck its supposed to be.
[00:03:56] Amoghasiddhi: So I was practicing South Korean Zhan Zhuang the other day.
[00:03:55] Jormungander: Peace.
[00:03:11] Amoghasiddhi: It really is a good workout.
[00:03:01] Amoghasiddhi: Even better than typing at your keyboard about how badass you are.

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