Weapon Guide - Part I(a)  Unarmed Hand-based techniques in Human form

Note: All techniques are based on a 100 skill rating in the corresponding style. 
Offhand techniques are the same except with +1 second delay. Range may vary depending on your size.\

cmd (ap) delay range atk  def  dam [Name]

Basic techniques

d (75)  2 sec  0'      -   +20   - defend 
The basic defence technique for unarmed fighting. You can use the defend technique and it the bonuses 
will remain until you use another command with the same arm or stop your commands via "stop", r!, or l! .

e (125)  3 sec  2'     -5    -   +20 elbow 
The elbow technique, while having a penalty to accuracy, has the potential to clear your opponent's 
hand-queue interrupting their techniques.

f  (50)   2 sec  0'      -   +10   - fist 
The fist technique, while not particularly useful as a single letter command, is essential in the setup 
of many advanced techniques such as the specialized fists of some style specific techniques.

p  (50)   2 sec  0'      -   +10   - palm 
The palm technique is one of the less often but still quite useful for performing more complex techniques 
like advanced defence or fist.

s (100)   3 sec  2'     -5    -   -5 strike   
The bread and butter of unarmed combat, while it is a clumsy attack on it's own with a small penalty to 
attack and damage, it is indispensable for more advanced techniques.

w (50) 2 sec  0'    -   +0    -  withdraw 
The only combat technique that doesn't grant any bonus while being performed, it is primarily used to set 
up more complicated techniques.

g (50) 2 sec  0'      -    -    - grab  
Available only while ducking or crouching, this technique allows you to grab a handful of dirt which you 
can them throw via  the "t" technique and attempt to temporarily blind your opponent. Note  that when you 
have a handful of dirt your only command options for that hand are "d" drop and "t" throw.

d (50)  1 sec  0'      -    -    - drop  
If you didn't mean to grab that handful of earth or decided it wouldn't do you any good to throw it and waste 
100 action points and 3 seconds that could be better spent throwing fists instead, use the drop technique to 
let go of that dirt/sand/snow. 

t (100) 3 sec  4'     +50   -    -  throw
Tired of fighting by the rules? Throw a handful of whatever you happen to have in your hot little hand. 
Your regular hand combat table will be available as soon as you let that snowball, dirt, egg or other thrown item fly.

a (5) 2 sec  0'      -    -    - assist 
Available if you're wielding something in the opposite hand that allows assisted (two-handed) techniques. 
(ie: most medium to large weapons staff, swords, maul)

l  relax  (0)
Available if you're assisting with your off-hand. Allows you to stop using an assisting hand to 
wield a two handed weapon

r 1 sec   remove (25) 
Available if you're wielding a removable item. Allows you to put a wielded object in your inventory to free up a hand.
Hint: "config AutoDiscard" will allow you to automatically remove torn-off body parts such as arms, legs, faces, etc...

Intermediate techniques 

ps 3 sec 2' +0 +10 +10
Strikes either body or face. While not as accurate as "fs" it can be more easily strung together with other complex techniques involving the p (palm) technique. fs 3 sec 2' +20 +10 +10
Strikes either body or face. More accurate than the "ps" technique, this intermediate technique, neither basic or entirely complicated is a crucial part of performing certain more complicated techniques like "fsssssds". Advanced Techniques (three commands or more) fse 7 sec 3' +0 - -20
This technique combines the face/body jab "fs" with the elbow technique effective for attacking while simultaneously interrupting an opponent's attacks without the penalty to attack of a single elbow "e" technique. Drawbacks include a long delay and damage penalty. wfs 4 sec 3' +20 - -10
If your enemy is too close for comfort, knock them off their feet and cause them to fly backward about 30 ft with this "knockback" technique. Drawbacks include a damage penalty and moderate delay. This technique always strikes the body. Note: Both hands must be free to perform this technique. dfs 3 sec 3' +20 +10 +10
This technique has the benefit of raising your defense slightly while attacking with an uppercut that strikes the face or body. Note: Both hands must be free to perform this technique. fss 3 sec 3' +20 +20 +20 Continuing where "fs" left off, strikes either face or body.

fsss 4 sec 3' +20 +20 +20 Strikes either face or body. fssss 2 sec 3' +30 +30 +20 Strikes either face or body slightly more accurate and defensive than previous strikes. fsssss 2 sec 3' +30 +30 +20 Strikes either face or body slightly more accurate and defensive than first three strikes. fsssssd 1 sec 0' - +50 - A solid defensive technique. Long setup for a defense, but leads into the powerful backfist technique . fsssssds 2 sec 3' +20 +30 +40 The most damaging technique in the strike-pattern, a vicious backfist has the benefit of twice the damage bonus of the rest. Drawbacks include a long setup. wfspswe 7 sec 2' +0 - +150 (Requires unarmed mastery or 150 unarmed skill) Starts with a knockback techniques, then finishes up with a palmstrike and then a devastating elbow attack to the face. Defensive Techniques (advanced defensive techniques)
Defensive techniques have the advantage of remaining effective as long as you don't use further techniques with the same location. They help preserve action points and reduce the risk of suffering critical strikes and/or being hit at all. fdd 2 sec 0' - +50 -
Hard blocking position allows you to stop blows with your forearms when successfully defending against an enemy attack. fdds 3 sec 3' +20 +30 +20.
Hard block to backfist is less defensive than the single-whip technique but can be used proactively- switching from hard block to the offensive technique at will instead of waiting for an enemy attack. The technique performs a backfist which strikes face location. pdd 2 sec 0' - +40 -
Soft blocking position allows you to knock blows aside when successfully defending. pddd 2 sec 3' +20 +50 +20
Single whip defense allows an automatic follow-up elbow attack upon successfully defending against an attack. After counterattacking your defense rating returns to that of a soft-blocking position until you perform another technique.
IE: One foot west of you, the prisoner strikes at you with a left hook.
You hook your right hand around his wrist and pull him towards you. You drive your right elbow into the side of the prisoner's head.
--==>>> You crush the prisoner's head for 65 damage (CRITICAL HIT). Style Specific techniques You must have sufficient skill and be currently using the corresponding style to perform these techniques. dd 2 sec 0' - +70 - Patient Viper A fast and effective defence technique available in viper style. dd 3 sec 0' - +70 - Crane Raises Wing Slower than "Patient Viper" with an equal amount of defense, however in Crane style defensive techniques are especially effective. dd 3 sec 0' - +70 - Crab raises claw Also slightly slower than Patient Viper, but equally defensive. pf 3 sec 0' - +20 - Claws of the Mongoose Moderately defensive technique and setup for "striking mongoose" this technique does not actually attack but allows you to curl your fingers into a special type of fist that's particularly painful. pfs 3 sec 3' +40 - +10 Striking Mongoose Always strikes the enemy's face. This is especially useful if your opponent has no armour on the face location or has forgotten to lower the visor on their full-helm. Upon killing an opponent with this technique you rip their face off. Remember to remove the face from your hand via "r" or you won't be able to perform techniques as normal with that hand. ff 2 sec 0' - +20 - Bull fist Also a defensive technique that isn't an attack but used as a setup for the special technique "Bull Punch". ffs 3 sec 3' +20 - +20 Bull Punch Bull punch is a devastating jab that attacks the body and on killing blows punches right through an opponent's torso.
IE: You perform the technique known as 'Bull Punch'.
You drive your right fist into the prisoner's stomach and out through his back! fs 3 sec 3' +50 - +20 Eagle Shadow Fist A highly accurate punch to the face. Useful for avoiding wasted time attacking a heavily armored enemy torso.

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