Newbie guide General information

1. Basic Information for new avatars

Colour: Use this command to set up the color codes for hp level, regular hits, critical hits and sweep techniques performed by both you and your opponent. [Hint]: Setting up custom color codes can save you from missing important information in the heat of battle.

Command: A dynamic list of commands available to you. These change as you gain new talents and powers and as game mechanics are implemented.

Basic Techniques/timing: Basic techniques are simple two letter commands. They consist of a single letter for a body location and location-specific action. Rs while unarmed in human form is a strike (punch) with the right hand while with a sword it is a swing command. If you have hooves or are riding a warhorse, fs is a stomp attack. If you're riding a drake, or have the body of a dragon/giant bat fs is a swoop attack.

Config: This will give you an overview of how certain mechanics work for you. Autoaccept: If you want to accept items from other players without having to type "accept item player", you might want to have this on. Colour light dark: if important things are a difficult to see, invert the brightness and the dark will become light, the light- dark. Damage info: This is a must for anyone who is new. Personally I think it should be on by default as it gives you crucial information about how well you're damaging the opponent or withstanding their damage.

Help help: A list of help files that should get you started in learning the mechanics of the game. Start here. You can get what you need through this helpfile, the newbie guide is just here to fill in the blanks with player experience.

Classing: Once you have mastered 4 core skills and a super fighting style, obtain the black sash and classing tokens or fight the dracomanders in the dragon realm for those that wish to become dragons -- you can type "class [class name]" and ascend to the rank of godhood. You now have the ability to "shift" into the nexus where player-killing is permitted and monsters with powerful items and primal energy abound. Inventory/Equipment:Inventory is a command for viewing your carried items. It can be abbreviated as just "i" as in most muds. Equipment will show you your worn equipment and the locations each piece covers. Also as in most muds it may be abbreviated as "eq".

Target: The target command automatically causes you to face the object/mob/player of your choice. It can be abbreviated with just a "t".

Display: Allows you to view a selection of variables that can be used to create customized prompt infomation. Particularly useful for target distance, position and enemy health variables.

Communication: There are various methods of communicating with other players. Channels include the helpful newbie channel (cyan by default), the general chat (yellow), the uncensored gossip (red). You can also whisper, say, tell, shout, and reply. Typing any channel name with no message will show you the recent history of the channel. Prompt/cprompt: Your prompt and combat propmt are the same by default. To set the information displayed outside of combat just type "prompt" followed by the variables you want to display.

Inventory/Equipment:Inventory is a command for viewing your carried items. It can be abbreviated as just "i" as in most muds. Equipment will show you your worn equipment and the locations each piece covers. Also as in most muds it may be abbreviated as "eq".

Movement: Traveling about is simple once you get the hang of the various forms of available movement and commands involved. It can be difficult to get started but following these tips might help smooth out the movement process for you. Movement speed is determined by a number of factors including size, shape, affects of spells, powers, terrains and wounds. The basic unit of distance in godwars is the foot.

Get: If an object is on the ground or in the air within reach you can type get in order to move the object to your inventory.

Score: Shows your base and trained stats as well as any modifiers from equipment. Score More: Shows your skills and styles. These modify your stats in various ways. Style: Command used to change styles. Style will change the style you currently use. You must master the requisite basic styles to use advanced styles and the requisite advanced styles to use a super style.

Tack: This command shows whatever your mount is currently wearing. On a sidenote: you can put equipment on some pets with "put on pet". Remove it by typing "say @pet remove ", then "say @pet drop ".

Tasks: Tasks are scattered throughout the realm and nexus, though in the nexus you must use the "scan" command to locate them.

Combat: Combat in God Wars II is simple enough to learn, but difficult to master as it involves a number of factors from the timing of techniques to cooldown of body locations. Your hands are controlled independently of your feet and head.

Attack: Attack represents the accuracy of your blows, and affects the chance of critically damaging your enemy. Advanced Techniques: Advanced techniques generally involve more than one command for a specific location. A forward somersault for example involves stringing together a jump (fj, fj) quickly followed with a feet-forward and then kick (ff, fk). Note that in some cases you can prepare the technique by typing the first part of it and then finishing with the final technique when ready. This doesn't work with techniques that require you to take action immediately like jump-kicks as you can't kick in midair if you've already landed.

Cooldown: Cooldown determines whether or not you can defend with a specific location to prevent being hit. Each defence location (feet, hands) has a specific cooldown duration. Once you successfully block/dodge/parry, you will have to wait for your cooldown to elapse (usually a few seconds)

Mounted Combat: Mounted combat can be confusing at first, but with some prompt configuration and practice, you'll be executing mounted offensives in no time. The first and most important difference from normal combat is that your target comand (t) is replaced with mtarget (mt) for the purposes of movement and target handles which object or enemy you are focusing your attack on. This Has the advantage of allowing you to attack someone even while moving away from them at a high rate of speed. (See Chivalry, Dragon Rider}

Radiation: Radiation represents how much magical energy from equipment your body can withstand and is equal to ten times your current age.

Classed Information: Handy information for the newly classed.

Task/Boost/Auto-advance: Boost points can be used in a few different ways. Type boost to see your boost points and kill count.

Powers: Powers are abilities specific to your class that you can invest in to a greater degree as you increase in age by harvesting primal.

Talents: Special bonuses, techniques and abilities you can add dependent on your number of talent slots, base stats and class.

Buy/Sell/View: Commands for buying and selling items with soul points. Keep in mind that you can view an item before you buy it if someone offers to sell it to you. Use the view command when you buy from people you don't know to prevent yourself from getting ripped off.

Primal: Energy gathered from killing mobs or players in pk zones like the nexus. The primal you gather is greater if your kill was older than you. You dilute your primal energy and lose some if you kill a much weaker player. You do not lose primal for dying to a much older enemy.

Rules: The only rules (besides don't be an ass) are the ones you can manage to enforce yourself. Complaining will most likely lead to everyone wanting to give you something to whine about. It's a vicious cycle that doesn't end well.

Safemode: Safe mode is activated when a player kills you and you have at least one active boost remaining.

Shift: Shifting allows you to travel to the Nexus which is much larger than the realm and is also a player killing zone. Monsters with primal energy and powerful equipment spawn in specific terrains IE: forests, swamps, mountains, oceans, some rivers, etc. Shift close to 0 0 at your own risk. You have been warned.

Train: In order to raise stats, powers or choose a subclass you must use the train command.

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