10/13/2018: Deleted or rerouted some broken links. Ones that linked to Feryl's page in the general index are still broken for now. Added a comment section and a like button.
If there's anything you can think of that would be helpful for me to add to or expand on the site let me know in the comment section below!

9/21/2017: New Unofficial Official Forum!

10/14/16: Chest cyphers

6/13/16: Barding Fuel correlations

11/07/10: Stat guide section in the guide is a compilation of info on stats and their values by various contributors.

09/01/10: Added a shortcut commands list.

08/15/10: Added a class dungeon list.

08/10/10: Added an area list.

07/29/10: Made the class gameplay examples index a little flashier.

05/1/10: New link: Fraust's forum/guide.

01/30/10: Added a section for screen shots.

01/29/10: Linked the scanned nexus map made by Abraxas.

01/24/10: Added more info to the beastiary.

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